The Daily Mail recently reported a story about a sex addict featured on a US television show. This man’s sex addiction became so serious that he was engaging in lewd behaviour even when at work.

How a Sex Addict Relapsed 

To protect the man’s privacy, he was not named in the report. He took part in a brand-new addiction TV show in the States called Hack Live: Sex Addicts. The man revealed to his girlfriend that he relapsed, after suffering a severe sex addiction. He even talked about how his addiction got so out of control that he couldn’t avoid it even at work.

Nonetheless, the affected individual did eventually ask for help after acknowledging that his behaviour was unacceptable. It led to him featuring on the ABC show, where he seeks help for his sex addiction.

The man said, “I would be at work when no one was around, watching pornography on my phone.” And in this episode of the show, the man is forced to confess to his girlfriend that he has relapsed.

Where Did the Addiction Start? 

The man’s significant other supports him every step of the way. In the preview for the show, the man reveals how severe his addiction became. He said that he spent work hours searching for online pornography. He also reported that he struggled to get his thoughts away from sex. While working, his mind would do nothing but think of sex.

He also says that the problem dates to his university days. He said, “When I was at university, I struggled in my assignments a lot of the time because these thoughts were constantly in my mind, and I couldn’t concentrate on anything else.”

How Bad Did It Get? 

His girlfriend reported feeling nervous about helping her boyfriend with his sex addiction. She said that he would constantly leave his place of work to engage in various sexual behaviours throughout the day. The man said he once went as far as to walk down the street just so he could have a sexual thought with every person he came across, including men.

During the show, he can be seen attending a therapy session for couples. The man came clean to his girlfriend, speaking about his habit. He said this is the first time he has talked about the issue as a couple, at least without lying. His girlfriend told the therapist that she had never known the extent of his addiction because he hadn’t told the full truth in the past.

Why Addicts Need to Step Backwards Occasionally 

This is not the first time the man has attempted to quit his addiction. In the past, he has tried to quit alone. The ABC show charts his journey as he embarks on trying to quit his sex addiction with the help of both professionals and his girlfriends.

At Middlegate, we believe that sometimes it is necessary to step backwards in order to approach the problem from a new angle. Sex addiction is one of the most difficult addictions to treat. Addicts who know they have a problem should seek help today by contacting Middlegate.

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How Sex Addiction Can Have a Detrimental Effect
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